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Dear Alumni Members and Friends

On behalf of the Committee members, we would like to thank you for your support and contributions to the DSTS Nite 2008 held at the Vanda Room of Singapore Polytechnic on 1 November 2008.

We hope you have enjoyed the dinner and the programme that were put up especially for the event. The evening was a blast and allowed people to reacquaint/socialize on a personal level.

The Alumni greatly appreciated your presence and generosity. The generous contributions which you have given in the evening enable the Alumni to continue in its cause to fund the various programmes for the students and staff of our alma mater, Greenridge Secondary School (formerly Dunearn Secondary Technical School).

For those who were unable to attend the dinner and had sent their contributions to the Alumni, the Committee would also like to acknowledge and thank you for your kind gesture.

Please help us to continue searching for more misplaced former students of DSTS plus any former school teachers. It seems that memories are definitely still very vivid after all these years.

We hope you will give the Alumni your continued support. It will not grow without your input and help. Once again, our grateful thanks to all of you.

With warmest regards

Renny Yeo


Dunearn Tech-Greenridge Alumni Association

David Koh

Chair, DSTS Nite 2008

on behalf of the Organising Committee

Dunearn Tech-Greenridge Alumni Association


Photos taken at the DSTS Nite 2008 can be viewed at the following link:


Dear Fellow Alumni,

Happy 2009 to all.  It has been a fruitful year for Dunearn Tech-Greenridge Alumni Association for 2008.  In 2009, we'll continue the effort and bring you more activities to get connected to old friends.  

As a preview, you may want to check out the photo of the recce trip that the executive committee has gone for.  We have done 2 trips to complete the full Southern Ridges Walk.  We are planning a full scale walk for the Alumni.  Date and time are still not confirmed.

Do leave us some comment and feedback if you like this idea and what you are expecting from it.

Your input will help us to serve you better.  Thanks you.


Roderick Chia

on behalf of the Organising Committee

Dunearn Tech-Greenridge Alumni Association