GreenRidge Sec Sch

According to the staff of the last batch of DSTS, MOE had requested that the first "Dunearn" school that leaves Hillcrest Road will have to change its name since  there were two "Dunearn" Secondary schools at that time. As National Junior College (NJC) was in the hurry to shift to Hillcrest,  DSTS then took the lead to relocate. Hence Dunearn Secondary School  kept her name, while DSTS  had to be renamed. 

With the name change, the word "Technical" was omitted. The reason was to attract more girl students to the school as the perception of a technical school was that it offered technical subjects which most  parents would think it was unfeminine for their girls to attend such school.

In June 1991, Dunearn Secondary Technical School was given a new identity and was renamed GreenRidge Secondary School. In June 1992 the school re-sited to its present location on the perimeter of the Bukit Panjang New Town. The School was nestled cozily in a gentle depression bordered by the BKE and the Bukit Panjang Ring Road and was officially declared open on 16 July 1994 by Mr.Lee Yock Seng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Labour and MP for Sembawang GRC.

With good, dedicated teachers and up-to-date facilities, the school has continued to attract good cohorts of pupils from the Bukit Panjang New Town and other neighbouring housing estates.

GreenRidge is a single-session school with a student population of about 1200 with  staff strength of approx.  60 teachers.

The guiding light in both work and play is  the motto "FROM EACH HIS BEST". With this principle guiding all their  efforts, the School hopes  to provide a sound and all-round education for all  its pupils.

A news paper clip dated 20 May 1992
taken from The 1st edition of GreenRidge Sec School magazine: